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Frequently Asked Questions September 14, 2015 09:00

Almost halfway through September already! Time really does seem to fly by faster every month, especially when we get closer to the holiday season. With the busy shopping months just ahead of us, we are hoping to help answer some common questions we see from our customers:

What is crochet? Isn’t that the same as knitting?

"Crochet" and "knit" are often used interchangeably to describe handmade items; however, the process to create these items is actually VERY different! Although both hobbies work with yarn, you can see on the left side of the picture below that one single hook is used to crochet an item, while the right side of the picture shows two pointed needles that are used to knit an item. While both processes utilize loops of yarn, knitting requires many active loops on the needles while crocheting normally only has one active loop (or possibly a few loops depending on the stitch).

Is the wooden tag on your scarves and hats removable?

Our intention with the wooden tags was for them to remain on the items. We added them this year as a branding tool and a way for customers to remember who they bought the item from. The tag is sewn into the item and we would highly suggest not cutting it off in fear of cutting the yarn that holds the item together. You can always put the item on with the tag side down or in the back if you do not want it displayed.


Why shouldn’t I put my item through the washing machine?

The quality of the wooden button and tag will deteriorate if your item is put through the washing machine. We instead recommend hand washing your items and lying them flat to dry. Flowers pinned to any earwarmer or hat should also be removed before hand washing.

What is the process if I want to place a custom order?

Please visit our Custom/Group Order page to begin the custom order process. Let us know the type of item you’re looking for, color(s), size(s), date that you need the item, and any other special notes that would help us better understand your order.

Are there any other items I can custom order outside of a scarf and earwarmer?

Absolutely! In addition to completing requests for different colors and styles of scarves and earwarmers, we have also crocheted several different winter hats, baby blankets, baby hats, and baby booties. We are always open to discussing new items, even if we haven't previously made them! Visit our Custom/Group Order page to tell us more about what you’re looking for.


Are your items sold in stores?

Our items are currently only sold online and through Beverly’s Gift and Craft Shoppe. We are hoping to sell in stores in the future.

Do you sell at any craft shows?

Yes! We will post on social media and the blog to let you know when and where we are participating in craft shows. We currently only participate in events local to the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. We have several already confirmed for this Fall and can't wait to announce those at a later date! 

Still wondering about something? Leave us a comment below, email us, message us on social media... We would be happy to help answer anything that's on your mind!