Brand New Product Launch - Chunky Criss Cross Earwarmer October 12, 2015 08:00 1 Comment

Scarf Earwarmer Winter Fall Bundle Up Crochet

Now that the leaves are starting to fall and a crispness is in the air, it is time to launch our newest and warmest earwarmer yet: the Chunky Criss Cross Earwarmer!

On October 10th we put these earwarmers out for the first time at a craft show...and sold out all that we brought. Since there was such a good reception for our in person selling, we've decided to list these earwarmers online as well, for all of our customers and future customers to enjoy.

The new Chunky Criss Cross Earwarmers are made from the same style of yarn as our popular Chunky Infinity Scarves. All of our varieties are made of a neutral color yarn to go with almost any outfit!  It is a textured design that is super soft and will keep you warm all fall and winter long. To quote Maryanne, "It's like wearing clouds on my ears". Maryanne is modelling the Soft White variety in the picture above. Select one of the images below to head straight to the product page to add to your cart today.

Soft White Chunky Criss Cross Earwarmer Bundle Up Crochet 
Soft White Chunky Criss Cross Earwarmer - $18
Charcoal Gray Chunky Criss Cross Earwarmer Bundle Up Crochet
Charcoal Chunky Criss Cross Earwarmer - $18
Taupe Chunky Criss Cross Earwarmer Bundle Up Crochet
Taupe Chunky Criss Cross Earwarmer - $18

What's your favorite color of our new Chunky Criss Cross Earwarmer? Comment below and let us know!