Embrace the Fall October 5, 2015 08:00

It's October already! Wow!

A big shoutout to my girlfriends on the inspiration for this post. A few years ago, the Fall Day tradition began where we would pick one day to accomplish as many fall activities as possible. The Fall season seems to come and go quicker every year, so don’t delay on scheduling a time to check out some of these activities.

Here are ideas on what we have done in the past:

Although it was chilly and windy on Saturday, our friends Michelle, Hillary, and Katie embraced it all to visit the Sunflower Festival at Gorman Heritage Farm. They stayed bundled up with our earwarmers and a brand new hat style while they dodged mud to find the perfect sunflowers to pick and take home with them. This event occurs annually for one weekend at the beginning of October, so mark your calendars for next year! Thanks for sharing ladies!

Pictures taken by (from left to right) Hillary, Katie, & Michelle at Gorman Heritage Farm
in Evendale, OH
Friends and sunflowers

Sunflowers and friends Sunflowers and friends Sunflowers and friends

If you only have time for one activity, pumpkin picking is definitely my number one suggestion. Find a local pumpkin patch to walk through and pick out your favorite pumpkin. From giant pumpkins you can barely pick up by yourself, to small pumpkins perfect for decorating a counter top, pumpkin patches really have it all. Carve them, paint them, or simply sit them on your counter or front porch step for that sweet Fall touch. Choose a neutral infinity scarf for this activity that will set you apart from the orange and yellow colors of Autumn.

Group picture by Michelle at McGlasson's Farms in Hebron, KY

 Pumpkin picking Pumpkins at McGlasson Farms

Nature and real pumpkins not your thing? Find a DIY craft for you and your friends! Kelsey, my very talented friend, hosted a Pinterest party last month where we made pumpkins from wood 2x4s! She bought the wood at a hardware store (they'll cut it for you for free!), picked up some sticks outside for the stem, and had paint, ribbon, and a couple of other craft supplies for us to decorate with.

Pumpkin craft DIY

In addition to pumpkins, you can’t forget about apples in the Fall. Apple cider paired with caramel apples is the ideal afternoon weekend snack. After purchasing these delicious items, find a park to sit and enjoy a Fall picnic outside. Don’t forget the cups and napkins! We’re in the middle of football season now so grab your favorite team infinity scarf before heading to the park.

Pictures taken by Sarah at McGlasson's Farms in Hebron, KY

Apples and apple cider at McGlasson Farm 

Want to pick your own apples outside? There are plenty of local farms to visit to do just that! Depending on their offering, you could even enjoy some hot apple cider before heading home. Your favorite team infinity scarf is ideal for this activity too!

Picture taken at McGlasson's Farms in Hebron, KY
Apples at McGlasson Farm
What are some of your other favorite fall activities? Do you travel away from your hometown to find the best apples or pumpkins? Comment below!