Introducing the Bundle Up Big Game Series! August 21, 2015 08:00 1 Comment

Before you know it our weekends will be spent tailgating, eating more chips and dip than we can keep track of, and cheering so loud that we lose our voices. Our Big Game Series will keep you excited throughout the whole season and provide another game to watch, especially if your team isn't playing that weekend!

What is the Big Game Series?

The BGS (Big Game Series) is a weekly series that will feature one college football or NFL game. The games will be played anytime from the Friday feature through the following Monday night. Alec will write about his thoughts on both teams and predict the score, while I (Maryanne) will list the colors for the teams, any cute guys to keep an eye out for, and evaluate the mascot matchup. Additionally, we will list the items and color combinations that will work best for the teams which will eliminate the guesswork and ensure you pick the right colors!

Feature Pictures from Social Media - #BundleUpBGS

We want YOU to show us how you're supporting your team! We all know how unpredictable the weather is so regardless if it's 70 degrees or snowing and frigid cold, we want to see how you dress to impress your favorite team. Post your pictures on social media and use the hashtag #BundleUpBGS to be featured in our recap the following week.

Did you say recap?

Of course! Every week before the BGS featured game, we will post a short recap complete with any must see highlights. We will also include our favorite photos from YOU on social media!

How do you get your favorite team featured?

Let us know! Leave a comment, send us a note on the Contact Us page, post on social media... Use any means to tell us your favorite team and why you want them featured.

You might be thinking, "I'm not really into sports - Will I enjoy this series?"

Absolutely! This series is meant to be fun for everyone. Alec's game insights will interest those with a passion for sports, and my mascot overview aims to entertain all of our followers. You will also be able to see how different color combinations and items pair together with one another.

So when is the first BGS post?

Because we're local to Cincinnati and are way too excited to wait until the first regular season game, we are starting the BGS NEXT WEEK! Check back next Friday morning (the 28th) to read our first BGS post:

Chicago Bears @ Cincinnati Bengals 

Who are you hoping to see featured on the BGS? Comment below!

This blog, series, and our items are in no way affiliated directly with the NFL or NCAA.